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KelniGVG Ltd is a Ghanaian company registered and incorporated in Ghana on October 2nd, 1995. The company’s operations commenced on October 3rd of the same year. Its principal activities include Import-Export, Building and Road Construction, Civil and Electrical Engineering.

The company also provides Value Added and ICT Consultancy Services, the supply of Computer Hardware and Software, as well as dedicated Managed Services & ICT Infrastructures. With 22 years of experience in its domain, KelniGVG Ltd company is now embarking on providing Managed and Support Services to the Ghanaian market.

Due to the increasing investment in infrastructure and networks (for e.g. specialized data and telecom networks amongst others) in Ghana, Kelni GVG Ltd intends to be a major player in the management of Networks and Telecommunication Service Deliveries. We have found a niche market where we can deliver low-cost but efficient and reliable services to local and foreign companies. The Kelni GVG Ltd business model will be premised on building local content with the requisite knowledge and qualifications thereby enhancing local capacities and skills within the country. The focus shall not be limited to the private sectors such as banks, and other financial services providers and network operators, but also to the public sector like the Central Government and other agencies. This will be provided on the basis of Services Level Agreement Operations to maintain and guarantee the quality required by our customers.

The Kelni GVG Ltd marketing plan strategy is to be part of the design and installation of networks in order to gain an added advantage to ensure that our team becomes very familiar with the networks and infrastructure they are managing, with the capabilities to have minimal remote or outside involvement of the vendor. We understand that most vendors and manufacturers will prefer using local knowledge and expertise to take care of networks to meet the needs of their customers. This would result in lower cost to vendors in rolling out and managing networks. Initially, we intend to provide a transformational market approach to act as a bridge for both the network providers and ultimately to their clients in a seamless manner.

This is all possible through the formidable TECHNICAL partnership formed with Global Voice Group (GVG), with each individual respective owner maintaining a shareholder’s positon in the entity.

Global Voice Group SA (GVG) is a world-class provider of cutting-edge technologies and services to governments and regulatory authorities. With a strong presence in Africa, the group has always committed itself to the development and technological empowerment of emerging countries. Over the last two decades, GVG has successfully developed and implemented the very first technological response to the increasing problem of tax compliance, revenue leakage and overall governance issues in the liberalized markets of telecommunications in other countries.

GVG pioneered innovative solutions that have overcome the shortfalls of formerly paper-based governance and declaratory schemes by enabling a real data-driven governance supported by highly reliable and effective data systems. These innovative systems allow governments, through their respective agencies, to closely and effectively monitor different sectors of the economy in terms of regulatory and tax compliance. They also optimize the collection of taxes, levies or any other contributions due to government.

These technologies and services can be collectively defined as Revenue-Assurance Solutions for governments, as they help protect and boost State revenues. However, their benefits extend beyond revenue protection by providing control tools for regulatory enforcement and high-level analytic tools for policy- and decision-makers.

Overall, they enable government control over data and further modernize government institutions in order to fully meet the requirements of the New Digital World. GVG is a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) since 2011 and has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award for its outstanding innovation in Governance Technologies for Telecom Regulators.

Kelni GVG Ltd services would include Consultancy, Deployment, Management and Operations of clients’ networks.

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