Fix Revenue Leakage from Fraudulent Practices

Grey routing is a serious and damaging issue that telecommunication service providers continue to struggle with today. Not only can it result in significant revenue leakage for mobile network operators, but it can also have dire consequences for customers in terms of data theft and legal complexities. On a macroeconomic level, this adverse impact on operators' turnover substantially affects the government's revenue.

KelniGVG's Common Platform TELECOP system represents the core of our Fraud Management Solution that helps to overcome this problem.

Bypass Fraud Management and SIM Localisation Made Easy

Our Telecom Fraud Management and SIM Localisation services make it easy for operators and authorities to track and detect grey routes. It enables them to track international call termination, detect and report the bypassing of the legally declared routes for international traffic into Ghana.

The fraud detection system uses automated test calls to identify grey routes and detect fraudulent lines. It currently processes more than 150,000 calls per month. This makes it possible to efficiently counteract bypass fraud, thus reducing its impact on both the local operators' turnover and the government's revenue. Information provided by the system is also used to plan SIM localisation activities, leading to the dismantling of illegal SIM box operations.

How We Work

KelniGVG has been working with the government of Ghana, its regulatory bodies and security agencies, and the MNOs to put in place processes and procedures to identify, block and dismantle SIM box operations. So far several millions in tax revenues savings has been achieved.

Key Features

The solution covers two main components.

Integrated Grey Route and Bypass Detection

The service detects all types of fraudulent practices that affect the financial performance of operators, and the security and quality of international interconnectivity services. Such malpractices include:

  • Analog bypass using SIM-box
  • Digital bypass using PBX
  • International refilling
  • Under declaration of traffic volume
  • CU violation

Geo-Localisation of Fraudulent Sites

Our SIM localisation services provide authorities tactical tools to track the location of GSM mobile stations, including SIM boxes, and to identify perpetrators who are bypassing international gateways. The goal is to equip authorities with the necessary tools and technologies to permanently dismantle fraudulent sites. The central SIM box fraud detection system managed by the telecom regulator helps to:

  • Improve the detection of fraudulent lines
  • Facilitate antifraud coordination between operators
  • Track the geo-location of SIM boxes

Key Outcomes

Our customers benefit from revenue loss avoidance, assured high quality of service, security and more.

Prevent billions in revenue loss

Reduce risks

Improved security

100% regulatory compliance

Assured data protection

Automated reporting

More transparency

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.