The FMS covers all types of fraudulent practices that affect not only the financial performance, but also the security and quality of international interconnectivity services in a given country, including:

  • Analog bypass using SIM-box
  • Digital bypass using PBX
  • International refilling
  • Under declaration of traffic volume; and
  • CLI violation.

The FMS mainly consists of a Fraud Detection System using automated detection calls to identify grey routes and detect fraudulent lines. This solution makes it possible to efficiently counteract bypass fraud, thus reducing its impact on both the local operators’ turnover and the government’s revenue.

Besides the Integrated Detection features of our FMS solution, our SIM-localization services also provide the authorities with a tactical tool to perform location tracking of GSM Mobile Stations, including SIM-boxes, and to identify the perpetrators who are bypassing the international gateways. The goal is to ensure that the authorities are equipped with the necessary tools and technologies that enable them to permanently dismantle fraudulent sites.