TTMS - Telecom Traffic Monitoring System

The TTMS integrates all the tools required by Governments and Regulators to independently measure and analyse the different types of traffic going through the Telecommunication Networks of a given country into one single platform. This highly secure private network of Telecom Traffic Data enables Governments and relevant authorities to maintain full and real-time visibility over this vital sector of the economy.

The TTMS structures the traffic information into Call Detail Records (CDRs) amongst other data records, for a number of critical purposes related to Telecommunications, including but not limited to:

  • Traffic Measurement and Billing,
  • Regulatory Monitoring and Enforcement,
  • Policy-making, and
  • National Security Analyses and Investigations.

Used in conjunction with KelniGVG’s Fraud Management System (FMS), the TTMS also provides a powerful means to fight against different types of Telecom Fraud that adversely impacts on Traffic Revenue such as the illegal termination of international calls (i.e. grey traffic or bypassing).


  • Enforces transparency and accountability throughout the Telecom Sector
  • Eliminates the risk of under-declaration
  • Protects revenue against fraudulent practices such as the illegal termination of international incoming calls (i.e. grey traffic or SIM-Boxing)
  • Better informs the decision-making and policy-making processes related to Telecoms through comprehensive and up-to-date information
  • Better informs the decision and planning processes related to the granting of new licenses and/or the upgrade/renewal of existing licenses

Makes it possible to generate new revenue streams for the Government through the monetization of selected Telecom Services accurately measured and billed by the system.