Our mission

Delivering Empowering Digital Solutions

Innovative Solutions for Today's Challenges

In 1995, KelniGVG was established to deliver Import-Export, Building and Road Construction, Civil and Electrical Engineering services in Ghana. We have also provided Value Added and ICT Consultancy Services, Computer Hardware and Software, as well as dedicated Managed Services & ICT Infrastructure.

Leveraging on these experiences over the past 25 years, we are breaking new ground in Ghana through innovations related to IT and telecommunications.

Digital Networks and Telecommunications Monitoring

Ghana is seeing increasing investment in infrastructure and networks. In this emerging landscape, KelniGVG serves a niche market, where it delivers efficient and reliable services to governmental agencies in digital data monitoring and compliance. Our solutions provide enhanced control and full visibility over important sectors of the economy – including telecom and digital financial services. With a two-factor approach that combines technology and business, KelniGVG remains result and customer-oriented, innovative and flexible, cost-effective and transparent as well as customisable and collaborative.

Focus Areas of Expertise

Digitising Governance

Leveraging Real-time Data Solutions

Investing in Capacity Building

Partnership Agreements with Governments and Agencies

Our Suite of Solutions

Telecom Traffic Monitoring

Telecom Fraud Management

Telecom Revenue Verification Solution

Mobile Money Monitoring Platform

Central Equipment Identity Management System

An Outstanding Technical Partnership with Global Voice Group (GVG)

GVG is a world-class provider of cutting-edge technologies and services to governments and regulatory authorities. With a strong presence in Africa, the group has committed itself to the development and technological empowerment of emerging countries.

GVG is an outstanding technical partner who has, over the last two decades, successfully developed and implemented the very first technological response to the increasing problem of compliance, revenue leakage and overall governance issues in the liberalised markets of telecommunications in other countries.

GVG has been a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) since 2011. They are the recipients of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award for outstanding innovation in Governance Technologies for Telecom Regulators.