Solving the Challenges in Mobile Money Monitoring

Mobile money services are increasingly becoming popular in Ghana. As a concept, mobile money poses tremendous benefits to the population of the country, by way of bridging economic disparities and promoting financial inclusion. From an economic standpoint as well, mobile money services are an added source of revenue to a country. But under unregulated circumstances, problems in the mobile money sector can escalate quickly, putting not only individual security, but also national security at risk.

Mobile Money Monitoring is a key component of its Common Platform that enables regulators to monitor and regulate these services in Ghana.

Comprehensive Monitoring Services

Mobile Money Monitoring allows for the real-time monitoring of all mobile money transactions in a country. Through the ongoing collection, consolidation and analysis of mobile money information, it enables governments and regulatory agencies to address issues that arise in a rapidly developing mobile payment services ecosystem. This includes the enforcement of AML, KYC and CFT standards. This complements mobile money and regulatory frameworks with independent auditing and measurement tools.

How Does it Work?

The common platform non-intrusively monitors mobile money to provide the government and relevant authorities with collection and processing capacities. The Mobile Money Monitoring solution offers government agencies the necessary tools and technology to effectively regulate the payment services industry, thereby facilitating responsible growth.

Key Features

Mobile Money Monitoring provides the data required by regulators to oversee the mobile money industry and ensure its harmonious and sustainable development. It helps to:

  • Provide full visibility on all mobile money transactions in the country
  • Promote independent measurement and auditing capabilities
  • Monitor and enforce operator compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • Reap the benefits of mobile money as a powerful financial inclusion tool
  • Address vulnerabilities in terms of consumer protection and money laundering
  • Identify and report revenue leakages
  • Report statistics on mobile money transactions and related revenue

Key Outcomes

The solution promotes transparency and compliance in the mobile money sector.

Improves financial inclusion while enabling macroeconomic upliftment

Better informs the decision-making and policy-making processes

Allows agencies to gain full visibility of the sector and achieve compliance

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.