Accelerating Economic Growth

Telecom services are indispensable in today's hyperconnected digital world. With stronger focus on mobility and increased internet adoption, the sector is growing and amassing billions in revenues. For any country, its telecommunication sector is a sizable market. The industry's revenues and profits in turn percolate to the fiscal economy in terms of taxes and duties, becoming a core part of a country's financial security. The Revenue Assurance component of the Common Platform provides regulators the necessary visibility on different revenue streams generated via the communication services on various operator networks.

An End-to-end Monitoring Solution

The Telecom Revenue Assurance module provides the Government of Ghana with real-time visibility over the financial performance of the licensed operators. It captures all revenue-generating events and transactions that flow through their core networks. In particular, it measures on an on-going basis the volumes of telecom transactions that are subject to specific taxes. In doing so, it ensures that all taxable sales are accounted for in a reliable and timely fashion.

What is the Foundation of the Telecom Revenue Assurance Solution?

Section 14 of the Communications Services Tax Act 2008 (Act 754), amended by the Communications Service Tax Act 2013 (Act 864), enjoins the Minister of Finance to collaborate with the Minister of Communications to:

“establish a monitoring mechanism to verify the actual revenue that accrue to service providers for the purpose of computing taxes due the Government under this Act”

Key Features

The solution provides information on the revenue generated by the whole spectrum of telecom services on a continuous basis. This allows authorities to:

  • Account for all revenue-generating events and transactions that flow through the operator networks
  • Accurately and independently verify the revenue of each operator
  • Assess revenues related to prepaid and post-paid voice, SMS/MMS, data and roaming services and bundles
  • Monitor the evolution of the telecom market in a given country
  • Get continuously updated data to better impact the decision and policy-making processes

Key Outcomes

The solution represents a strong incentive for transparency and compliance throughout the industry.

Eliminates the risk of under-declaration

Better informs the decision-making and policy-making processes

Provides comprehensive and up-to-date information

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.