End-to-End Visibility on Traffic and Revenue

For governments and regulatory authorities across the globe, monitoring multiple telecom operators and their traffic using a complex array of tools and technologies is a cumbersome task. The process of coordinating with multiple stakeholders, including vendors and operators, can be time consuming and challenging. To ensure better user experience, higher transparency and efficiencies, regulators need the next-generation of telecom network, traffic and service monitoring systems that enable them to work seamlessly and deliver better outcomes. The Traffic Monitoring component of the Common Platform provides independent, comprehensive and accurate data on international traffic exchanged between all licensed local operators and all international carriers.

Comprehensive & Innovative Traffic Monitoring Systems

This component provides full and real-time visibility over volumes of international outgoing and incoming calls passing through each link. It enables the authorities to automatically and accurately calculate the amounts to be paid by each operator to the government and its agencies. The component therefore addresses the agencies' needs and challenges with respect to:

  • Full visibility over national and international traffic
  • Full visibility into operator revenue streams
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic on international gateways

Regulatory authorities gain continuous visibility on different revenue streams generated by the telcos, while enabling efficient audits of telcos' revenue declarations and keen regulatory oversight.

How We Work

Used in conjunction with the Fraud Management System (FMS), Traffic Monitoring also provides a powerful means to fight different types of telecom fraud that adversely impacts traffic revenue. It makes it possible to generate new revenue streams for the government through the monetisation of select telecom services accurately measured and billed by the system.

Key Features

The Traffic Monitoring System integrates all the tools required by authorities to independently measure and analyse the different types of traffic going through the telecommunication networks of a given country into one single platform. This highly secure private network of telecom traffic data enables governments and relevant authorities to maintain full and real-time visibility over this vital sector.

The Traffic Monitoring System structures the traffic information into Call Detail Records (CDRs) amongst other data records, for a number of critical purposes. Highlights include:

  • Traffic measurement and billing
  • Regulatory monitoring and enforcement
  • Policy-making
  • National security analyses and investigations

Key Outcomes

Traffic Monitoring System is instrumental in enforcing transparency and accountability throughout the telecom sector.

Eliminates risk of under-declaration

Protects revenue against fraudulent practices

Better informs the decision-making and policy-making processes

Performs comprehensive and up-to-date information

Assists the government with new revenue streams

Enables fair arbitration by the regulator in cases of operator disputes

What is the Common Platform?

The Common Platform (CP) is a digital collection mechanism encompassing Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Money Monitoring services.